About Etes - Creating Infinite Possibilities

Founded and headed in Bali in 2018, Etes is a company with a passion for creating effective, practical, and innovative interior solutions according to the needs of our clients. We are professionally supported by our own high-quality production facility in Java, guided by a group of highly experienced individuals from furniture manufacturing, interior joinery and interior construction backgrounds.

Our team comprises creative minds and years of industry experience, collaborating with you on projects in various levels.

Efficient Manufacturing Management

We are capable of providing the entire suite of service for projects at various scales. Our efficient management solutions include consultation or advice, project management, prototypes and mock-ups, bulk manufacturing, shipping and installing. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We listen carefully to your requirements in order to meet and exceed expectations in aesthetics, functionality, and budget.

About Us



Our in-house manufacturing factories in Solo provide huge processing capabilities, enabling us to easily meet large orders and deliver projects around the world.

We carefully select materials for each specific component that we create, which may vary based on your requirements. This ensures maximum results in quality, durability, comfort, and style. Each of our designers, manufacturers and contractors have in depth knowledge, experience, and practical skills to complete each project effectively.


In Bali, we only work on specific designs or custom furniture according to the client’s wishes, then we combined them with a wide selection of materials. Such as wood, bamboo, rattan, synthetic rattan, natural stone, seashells, and other environmentally friendly materials.

Apart the office, we also have a warehouse that stores various examples of quality furniture materials.