teak furniture indonesia

5 Reasons to include Teak Furniture for your Luxury Hotel or Resort

08 December 2020

Teak is a popular choice of wood for hotel furniture for a variety of reasons. Teak furniture works well for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used in various styles from antique, to classic, or contemporary.

teak furniture indonesia
Source: Wikimedia commons

There are many reasons why designers opt for teak furniture for hotels and resorts. Here are a few interesting facts about teak wood and furniture.

What is Teak?

teak furniture and design
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Teak, or Tectona grandis, is a species of hardwood tree commonly found in tropical rainforests. Teak trees can grow up to 40 meters in height, and are characterized by their papery leaves and small white flowers. Teak trees are native to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Withstanding the Elements

Teak wood is well-renowned around the world for its unique strength and durability. In the past, Teak wood was used to construct ships, due to its ability to withstand elements like rain and sun for many years. Additionally, teak is highly resilient to temperatures changes including both heat and cold. This makes it a good material choice for furniture, both indoors or outdoors.

Natural Oil Content

Teak is one of the few woods in the world that has a high natural oil content, even after the tree has been cut down. This helps to preserve the wood and keep it from warping or cracking. Because of this unique feature, teak is an excellent option for table tops, as you wouldn’t need to worry about the wood being ruined from spills. The wood’s oil content also helps to repel termites and other vermin.

Flexibility & Adaptability

The natural benefits of teak; including strength, durability, beauty, & resistance to termites or other damaging elements, make it an extremely adaptable wood. Teak can be used for a wide range of furniture for your hotel or resort, including both indoor and outdoor areas. This fascinating wood can be used for anything from large dining tables, to elegant cabinets, garden furniture, and more.

The Value of Teak Wood Furniture for your Hotel

While teak wood may tend to cost more when compared with other woods, its end value will be well worth it. If well taken care of, teak furniture can last for many years, without having to be replaced. When choosing materials or types of wood, take your time to research carefully to find the perfect furniture that you need, and that will last a long time.

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