technology in hotel design

6 Ways Technology is affecting Hotel Design in 2021

17 November 2020

Technology is creating a new style in hotel design; opening new ideas and concepts, as well as expanding old ones. Innovation & technology has changed what guests look for in a hotel stay, as well as what hotel owners need to do in order to make their hotel or resort as efficient as possible.

technology in hotel design

In the past, a comfortable bed and nice shower may have been top on the list of guest priorities. Although those will always be important, guests are now looking for a range of digital possibilities to enhance their stay. This may include online check-in, WiFi & connectability, keyless room access, streaming services, and much more.

In a recent study, 73% of hotel guests surveyed said they would download a hotel app immediately if it would automatically provide connection to the hotel WiFi. Embracing smart tech in hotel design can personalize your guest’s experience on a real-time basis while measuring your hotel’s performance in revolutionary ways.

Here are a few ways hotels are adopting technology in their hotel design.


WiFi Infrastructure

In this day and age, guests are travelling with a variety of connectable devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and more. Free WiFi is no longer a ‘perk,’ but a must have for every hotel. With guests expecting fast and seamless connections, it’s essential for hotels to ensure a better and faster WiFi infrastructure that allows guests to communicate online and do business with ease.


Mobile Check in & Smart Room Keys

By allowing hotel guests to check in remotely through their mobile device, hotel owners can better predict/manage their staffing needs and save considerably on labor costs. Additionally, hotels around the world are installing smart room access systems that allow guests to unlock their doors by using their phones. Starwood (Sheraton, Weston and “W” hotel chains) has already upgraded 30,000 room locks across 150 hotels with this system, while the Hilton is implementing a similar system at throughout the coming years. This technology will mean that guests don’t have to worry about picking up keys and front desk staff won’t have to issue new keys in the event that a guest loses their room key.


In-room Services

Adjusting the temperature or ordering a meal? Once again, we are looking at technology to make the process seamless. This may be the implementation of smart thermostats, or having these options available via your hotel mobile app.


Integrated Charging Spots

Wireless charging is slowly being integrated in many hotel lobbies around the world. Aside from hotel lobbies, many hotels are integrating USB charge spots in various areas including guest rooms and dining areas.


Interactive Meeting Spaces

Technology is changing the way business is conducted. In person meetings are quickly being replaced by video calls or digital presentations. In 2020-2021, hotel design should adapt their traditional meeting spaces or conference rooms to fit these needs. This could mean designers finding creative and practical ways to incorporate outlets and ports, adjustable lighting, and adequate furniture fixtures.


Entertainment options

More and more travelers are using their own devices for entertainment as opposed to hotel TVs. An earlier survey showed that 81% of hotel guests would prefer to connect their own devices to the hotel TVs, while 55% said it would influence their decision in where to stay.

As technology continues to advance, hotels should advance along with it to continue to provide excellence in service and convenience for their guests. For more information about our hotel furniture services, get in touch with us today.

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