Creating A Touchless Environtment

Hotel Trends 2020: How COVID-19 is Transforming Hotel Design

18 October 2020

Despite the effect that COVID-19 has had on hotel operations around the world, many hotels have taken this opportunity to upgrade. In most cases, this means renovation that had perhaps been in planning for some time, or that was put on hold during the pandemic.
Hotel survival during this time is all about rebuilding guest’s confidence, as well as winning new customers. This means ensuring that hotel guests feel safe and comfortable as they slowly get re-accustomed to travelling again.

Here are some of the top design & construction changes that hotels are making in 2020.


1. Creating a “Touch-less” Environment

Touchless Hotel Design

Post Pandemic, many businesses have had to make changes in the way they operate. In the case of hotels, one of the ways to minimise physical contact is through technology. Some hotels have introduced a mobile app which guests can use as a keycard for their room, as well as for ordering food & room service.


2. Antimicrobial Finishes

Anti Microbial Finishes

Many hotels are looking to replace soft surfaces with hard, antimicrobial or antibacterial finishes. Other changes that hotels are looking to make include replacing carpets with solid flooring that looks cleaner and is also easier to clean, or exchanging shower curtains for glass doors.


3. Air-Handling

Air Handling

Air-handling is another main focus in the post-pandemic era. There are several types of air-containment or sanitation ventilation systems that are commonly used in hospitals that may become the norm in hotels as well. This includes negative pressure air handlers, high-performance ventilation, antimicrobial sanitation, and outdoor air exchangers.


4. A Greater importance for F&B

A Greater Importance for F & B

While F&B has always been a big part of hotels, it’s importance is increasing. With less travel, many hotels will need to find ways to maximise the revenue per room. Many hotels will also need to change the way food is served, such as replacing buffets in favour of simpler pre-packaged room service.

With an aim to give a fresh perspective to how guests interact with the hotel and each other, designers are focusing more on “designing with purpose.” Creating not just a new look, but also a comfortable and safe experience is a key to bringing success in 2020.

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