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Indoor & Outdoor Design: How to Choose the Right Materials

26 October 2020

Good furniture is an investment. When you are considering custom made furniture in Indonesia, an important part of that investment is choosing the right materials. This means materials that are functional, durable, and aesthetic. There are so many types of materials and finishes to choose from. Finding the right one is largely based on what it will be used for as well as the location.

hotel furniture materials

Ensuring that you have the right materials for the right requirements will not only make your furniture look great, but also make sure that it lasts a long time.

One of the first points to consider is where you are placing each piece of furniture: indoor or outdoor?


Custom Made Indoor Furniture

indoor furniture for hotels and restaurants

It's much easier to choose materials for indoors. This is because you do not have to worry about elements such as sun, wind, rain or sand. This means, you can often opt for fancier styles or materials. Maintenance for indoor furniture is also much less than for outdoor furniture. Choosing indoor furniture definitely provides more options. However, here are a few tips to finding the right indoor furniture materials.

Where will the furniture be placed?

Consider what your furniture items will be used for. Will they be in high traffic areas of your hotel or resort, or in less visited areas? High traffic areas such as waiting areas or recreational settings would require durable and high-impact seating. The location of the placement of items also has an effect, you might need to consider using different materials by prioritizing its strengths due to direct sunlight and humidity for outdoor furniture.

Choosing your style

The style of your furniture and décor will largely be influenced by the materials that are used. A traditional or classic look tends towards deep tones and wooden surfaces, focusing on elegance and simplicity. For a more modern look, you may notice geometric shapes, simpler designs, and a use of materials such as metal, glass and even plastic. You can also start to support the selection of the materials that are environmentally friendly and have high economic value, such as the use of recycled materials or renewal of old furniture.


Materials for Outdoor Furniture

outdoor hotel furniture indonesia

When choosing your outdoor furniture, consider the following factors. Your furniture frames, upholstery and table tops would need to maintain their appearance over a variety of weather conditions. This means withstanding elements such as rain and humidity, mold or rust, and harsh sunlight which may cause fading and cracking.
While there may not be any "100% weatherproof" furniture, here are some good options for outdoor furniture.

Teak Furniture

There are several options for wood furniture that can be used outdoors. However, teak is one of the most popular choices due to its aesthetic beauty and high natural oil content. The oil keeps the furniture more resistant to water as well as insects. This makes it a very long-lasting choice for outdoor furniture.

Synthetic Resin & Plastics

This is another great choice for modern outdoor furniture. Aside from being durable, it is also light-weight and easy to move around. When choosing synthetic resin, HDPE wicker tends to have a higher strength and heat endurance than PVC.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker looks good indoors or outdoors, and is a popular environmentally friendly option. Wicker is typically made of rattan, bamboo, or cane.

Wrought Iron

This is another popular choice for outdoor café or restaurant furniture in Indonesia. Aside from being durable and long lasting, wrought iron also provides a unique and classy look. Due to its heavy weight, wrought iron is a good choice if you need more sturdy furniture, such as in windy areas.

There are many other materials to choose from. However, these are a few tips to help you get more value for money for both indoor or outdoor furniture. Have a question about material options or designs for your custom made furniture? Get in touch with us today. 

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