These what Etes are doing to consider at the office for new normal conditions.

These what Etes are doing to consider at the office for new normal conditions.

8 September 2020

The "New Normal", this is the term creating a buzz amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic. To apply it, there needs to be several health protocols that must be obeyed by the public in order to reduce the spread of the virus while they carry out their daily activities.

In several countries, especially Indonesia, the "New Normal" needs to be adapted as a new way of life - as businesses need to continue running to help boost the country’s economy during these trying times. At Etes, we are proud to be one of those companies, however, we are also mindful about caring for our employee’s health and safety.

Here are some of the safety protocols we have adapted in order to cope with the current Covid19 situation.


Wearing a mask is a must

As the main transmission of the virus mainly occurs through droplets (from the mouth), we have enforced the wearing of masks. Apart from blocking dust particles, it also reduces the possibility of contracting and transmitting the virus. Hence all our employees are provided with masks in our premises.


Temperature checking before entering office

Fever is one of the symptoms experienced by people with Covid-19. We always make sure our employees are healthy and not having a fever. Simple measures such as checking body temperature as an initial screening, ensures that employees are always in the pink of health.


Washing hands with soap and water.

We are constantly touching objects, and this increases our chances of getting exposed to viruses. By washing hands, it eradicates those unseen bacterias and viruses. Constant reminders are also given to employees through signages in the offices and the production areas.


Physical distancing in the office

We always ensure safe distancing between each other with a minimum of one meter in the work space. Even though we allow employees to meet the clients, they always take note to avoid crammed activities and prevent direct contact such as shaking hands.


PCR test or Rapid test for the employee

We have also done PCR test or Rapid test to our employees who are traveling out of the cities. Also, we constantly monitor our employee’s health through looking out for common symptoms such as a fever, dry cough or tiredness.

Even in the new normal as our business still operates, we make sure that our office and work areas provide all the facilities that fit into the ‘New Normal’ conditions. Hence, maintaining the health and safety environment is a must!

We are proud of our actions and we hope to contribute to breaking the chain of the spread by doing our internal enforcements. - Wearing a mask, adhering to cleanliness habits, keep a safe distance, all while maintaining a positive work environment.

Keep healthy and stay productive!

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